The Nidec Way

Achieving Sustainable Growth for the Next 100 Years

Core Belief

Passion / Challenge for Excellence

“Passion” is the starting point of everything for Nidec group employees. We will passionately embrace high aspirations and challenges to be No. 1.

  • Aspire to aim high
  • Courage to change

Enthusiasm /  Customer Centric

Our prosperity is with Customers. We will start all of our efforts from customer’s perspective and do our best with enthusiasm.

  • Customer focus
  • Seek added value, keep things simple

Tenacity / Work Hard and Smart

The target set by yourself must be achieved. We will never give up under any difficulties and adversities, and keep focusing on the results by challenging our brain.

  • Accountability for results, never give up until you reach the goal
  • Rational approach


Our vision shapes the future. We will motivate ourselves to make it happen with brave ideas and continuous improvements.

  • Seek innovations
  • Continuous improvement


Business is conducted among people. We will accept different values around the world and keep learning from everyone.

  • Respect for others
  • Learning from diversity


Our goal is one “Team Nidec”. We will help each other and work together to increase the entire group’s value.

  • Proper delivering and sharing, constructive discussion
  • Total optimization, synergies


All behaviors need to be “Right”. As a member of society, we will discipline ourselves as well as follow laws and company rules.

  • Compliance
  • Act with discipline, social responsibility

Leader Competency

Decision Making

Nidec’s leaders are unrivaled in decision making. We will consider world trends and the future before making decisions quickly.

  • Broad perspective
  • Effecient and quick decision making

Team Building

To engage team members is one of the leader’s key missions. We will all be proud of their performance and maximize it as a team.

  • Maximize performance through teamwork
  • “Can-do” environment

Grow Talent

Rich talents lead Nidec’s next generation. For company growth of 100 years, we will persist in supporting our employee’s growth.

  • Develop people through challenging opportunities
  • Two-way (interactive) communication

We are always scouting for the best talent in the field. Search our jobs pages for current openings now.