Types of Work

Job Types at Nidec Minster

Work that fits you.

At Nidec Minster, we produce high-level custom products for manufacturers internationally. Our custom work doesn’t get done on an assembly line. Our work takes a team of skilled engineers, fabricators, machinists, welders and more – all dedicated to building the best. With our business being custom products that continually change and evolve, our employees must understand the “why” behind a job.

A team that values you.

Our state-of-the art Employee Education Center ensures employees are gaining the latest skills at all times. Whether taking the foundational curriculum or attending an advanced learning opportunity, the on-site training center is our investment in your future. Whether building a 60-ton capacity press or a massive 1.2-million pound press standing four stories tall, team members work together and mentor one another to move the project from start to finish.

Nidec Minster Jobs



Our engineers gain the career satisfaction that comes with not only designing a product, but also seeing it come to life.

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Certified Welders

As a structural welding shop, our weld team can put down some massive beads of weld. Jobs can vary from a 190,000-pound piece you need to climb on to a bracket you carry around.

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Skilled Machinists

Our machinist can do it all at Nidec Minster. From reading blue prints, inspecting equipment, troubleshooting, machine set-up, machine tooling, CNC programming, crane work and more, no two days are the same.

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Skilled Assembly

It’s not unusual to find our assembly technicians working alongside engineers, project managers and sales staff to build our “engineered-to-order” products. With custom work, you must have collaboration. The traditional assembly line set-up doesn’t work at Nidec Minster.

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Our skilled remanufacturing team modifies older presses to incorporate new technologies to better meet our customers’ needs today. Each day presents a new challenge of giving life to an old press.

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Foundry and Casting Workers

We like to call it the most exciting place to be. It’s a physical labor job with parts constantly moving in and out and new jobs every day.

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