Advancement Opportunities

Advancement Opportunities with the Nidec Minster Team

At Nidec Minster, most of our promotions occur internally.

With a strong focus placed on in-house training and mentoring, it only makes sense that our top candidates for a job come from within. Our investment in training means there is always advancement opportunity for you.

Employee Education Center

Through our Employee Education Center, we are helping employees understand the “why” behind the products, processes, methods and procedures. We want to equip them with the latest training and technologies, so they continually progress with the industry. With a 36-module foundational curriculum, every team members starts with the basics and can test out of specific areas. Product-specific, technological and advanced training then continues on at all levels as new jobs come in, and new employees join the team.

“I always knew there were opportunities for advancements. It’s part of the culture, part of your Day 1. If you set a goal, they’ll help make it happen.”

– Cory Settlemire, an Apollo graduate, Rhodes State College graduate, and now machining supervisor

We are always scouting for the best talent in the field. Search our jobs pages for current openings now.